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In my free time, I like to make sure that I don't actually have free time and I instead volunteer on a couple of projects that help give my artwork and writing some direction and purpose-- also, I don't like to work alone because I'll never finish if I don't have someone to keep me company!

Admin Coordinator

Equus Ballator is an online role-playing game that incorporates art and standalone literature in to the game dynamics. The characters are equine based and can be bred from existing characters.

The group is currently severing ties with DeviantART as its main hub as it expands.


Dang Unexplained

Artist & Writer

Still under construction!

Dang Unexplained is a multi-artist project where we get together, draw together, and discuss mysteries ranging from the mundane to the supernatural.

The whole event is live streamed for watchers to be able to interact and discuss too!

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